Investment activities

HMS Group continuously updates its manufacturing facilities and seeks to implement the latest technologies to produce modern equipment meeting its clients’ requirements. In 2013, Rub 1.5 billion was invested by the Group’s entities as part of their modernisation programmes. The top priorities for the Group’s investment activities included product quality improvement, production of new types of equipment and an increase in its technological capability at key enterprises.

Industrial pumps

Nasosenergomash (NEM) put into operation a new casting shop with total capacity of up to 4 thousand tonnes of casting products per year. The large-scale modernisation programme targets an increase in pumps output to cover growing market demand as well as production quality and specific technical improvements. The updated shop is designed to produce a steel casting up to 2 tonnes and an iron casting up to 3 tonnes. A new technological line with a continuous spiral mixer fully eliminates human intervention in the production process, ensuring a sustainable level of high quality casting shapes produced at the shop.

In 2013, we updated all technological production lines for oil processing pumps at our Bobruisk Mashine Building Plant (BMBP) and improved the manufacturing buildings at Promburvod (PBV). At HMS Pumps we started the implementation of a technological re-equipment of a casting shop and the construction of a new pump testing stand.

Oil and gas equipment

In 2013, Sibneftemash launched a new production site for separating equipment production, which significantly improves the technological capacity of the enterprise. The shop was equipped with modern facilities including a portal plasma- and gas-cutting device to cut sheets 120 mm thick; equipment to roll sheets up to 40 mm thick and 3 m wide; a high-tech welding column for the automatic welding of tanks and vessels; and a special stand to test durability and density of new products. Currently, Sibneftemash can produce gas, oil and gas, and flare separators. We have already signed several contracts for production of this equipment. At full capacity, the new shop is expected to increase the volume of tanks and vessels produced by Sibneftemash by about 37%.


At Kazankompressormash (KKM) we modernized the centrifugal complex used for processing compressor bodies and covers. The new equipment will increase theoutput from 20 to 30 compressor bodies per year and simultaneously decrease production time. We also developed a plan for further modernisation of the enterprise to be implemented in 2014-2015, which includes an upgrade of the casting shop, a transfer to cold fix mixture technology and the installation of modern controls and measuring equipment.

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